hi guys :)
the little germ 
guys !!!! i’m going to college i hope so 
empire of the sun
good night xx
feelingsmithy asked:

Hi! I know I said this before, and I'll say it again, I REALLY LOVE YOUR ART! Is it possible if I can ask you to draw something for me? I'm willing to pay as long as it's not super expensive :(( I need help with a Gravity Falls poster because I'm planning on throwing a GF-themed thingy. Please tell me if you're up for it. Thanks!

yes of course and as you’re the first person asking me something, i’m not going to charge you !!!! so… yes, i say yes, just tell me what are the things you want so i can start drawing :D

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the swamp
the riddle
night guys xx
sea-w1tchling asked:

Hello! How are you?

magically fine

the night float
late night sketching xx
:§ odd #illustration #art  #odd
too stupid
baba-yaga’s hut
faery studies
i’m just sketching some creatures :) i hope everyone have a nice venus night xx
the lord of the valley
i think i’m being productive :)