sorry guys i havent being here these days (weeks) but college is reallytaking all my time i eill be posting more i promise xx
a little spirit

la ciénaga definitiva
i’m back guys!!!!!!
kimcheed asked:

what do you use to make your animations?

photoshop cs5 because i’m lame xx

kimchee-breath asked:

Hey, do you do commissions? ;3;

yes i do :)


i will sell your baby to satan for a pokemon

sorry guys i havent being posting art it’s just that life is crazy right now
kurolala asked:


<3 <3 

clay doll
gayalienbabe asked:

Ahhhhi love your art so much

ahhhh i love gay aliens !!!!! thanks for the compliment :)

zpaze asked:

You are AMAZING. Also, I know in other languages people use "have" to refer to age, but in English, we just use the state of being. So--"I AM eighteen years old" would look best on your blog description. If you like. Just a little tip. Sorry if it came off as rude! And your art is AMAZING.

oh thanks for the tip ;) you’re lovely

Anonymous asked:

I like u re art

and i like you strange creature :)

the nymph court
i&#8217;m thinking on doing a thing called "the mighty quest" and this gif/illustration is part of it
we&#8217;ll see how this goes :)
os sacrum
the fist witch